Work For Hire

3G Studios is able to make any of your gaming or application dreams come true. That is a bold claim in a time where videogames have become the premiere storytelling and entertainment medium and while applications have become an everyday aspect of people's lives, but we stand by our industry experience and technological expertise. We are equally dedicated to providing Casino gaming experiences as we are with videogame and application development, continuing to push the boundaries of design with new and innovative features. If you have the resources, invest in 3G's proven track record, groundbreaking design and singular focus. Whether it is an ingenious application, a compelling videogame premise or simply an interesting take on a Casino classic, 3G Studios can make that dream a reality.

Note: 3G cannot guarantee your acceptance onto proprietary platforms. Distribution of your application on certain platforms may require you to qualify with the platform manufacturer.

Experience Matters

Shipping on many proprietary platforms requires an extensive amount of experience. Developers must be certified on the platforms and have a track record of dealing with technical requirements testing. In our experience, most hardware manufacturers want to work with an experienced developer before they will consider special placement in their online services.