Amazing Games

3G Studios has produced hit games enjoyed by millions of people. Let us work with you to design a game that will keep them talking!

Reach More Customers

3G's server technologies and consulting services can help you distribute and monetize your games more effectively.

Media On Every Platform

With 3G's video streaming client, your company can deliver media to nearly every computer, console, tablet and smart phone.

Make More Money

3G has developed server technologies that keep you in touch with your customers. Keep them happy and make more money.

Apps Without Hassles

Our mobile and web teams create robust applications that are easily updated and supported.

Protect Your Assets

3G's Digital Rights Management (DRM) services ensure that your product works for every legitimate customer.

3G Studios' production teams can service your online games and applications!

With 24x7 support and 99.5% uptime you will be thrilled with our results.

Learn More About Us

Founded in 2006, 3G Studios has grown into several key areas of technology. Our experience working on mobile devices and video game consoles allows us to create high performance user experiences that today's customers demand.

3G is proud that our client base extends across the upper-echelons of the industries we service. Talk to us about the solution you need and our client references will impress you.

Some of our technology partners

Our Culture

Today's customer expects all applications and games to have stunning visuals and intuitive interfaces. 3G has become well known for delivery high quality artistic visions with reliable functionality. Our team members are both highly skilled and well rounded.

Our Location

Our primary studio and headquarters is in Reno, Nevada. Home to the University of Nevada (UNR), Reno is nestled next to Lake Tahoe and is only a 20 minute flight from San Francisco. Though housing over 500,000 residents the area provides fantastic amenities while maintaining a 'small town' feel.