Experience Matters

Our teams of artists, programmers, producers and testers have been working together for many years. Together we have shipped games across consoles, mobile devices and PCs for almost 12 years. As games are developed from concept to final product, the team must be disciplined and familiar with the steps required. Shipping on devices and consoles which require manufacturer approval at various stages can be expensive and time consuming without the right expertise. 3G has proven ability to deliver great games on time.

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Finding Direction

There is no better teacher than experience. Through shipping so many games on so many platforms we have learned one simple truth: Your game had better be fun before it ever enters production. Many times game companies feel compelled to throw artists, programmers, audio technicians and animators at a project before they have developed a solid prototype. With today's budget this can be a costly mistake. 3G Studios starts every project with a very small prototyping team who is responsible for building a simple and fun game mechanic.

Why Reinvent?

3G has spent millions of dollars developing a "tool belt" of game libraries. Our approach not only saves money, but brings time-tested stability to your game. Don't risk reinvention!

3G Studios' can help you find new ways to make money from your application!

Our experience in application development will save you money and earn you more customers.

Which Platform Should My Game Target?

These days you don't have to choose. With modern programming techniques, a minimal amount of source code will be unique to each platform. For years, 3G has built games that run on consoles, mobile devices and PCs equally well. The answer? Target as many as possible to maximize sales!

Do Games Make Money?

All told, the video game industry earns more money than the movie and music industries combined. Video games defy economic predictions. They are an interactive form of entertainment and learning that continue to make money in lean times. Games still follow a "blockbuster" model; meaning that about 30% of games make money with 10% becoming wildly profitable.

Games Are Not Apps

The ease of developing for modern web and mobile platforms has sold the idea that games are simple applications with advanced artwork and sound. In order to deliver the polish that modern gamers expect, most games need to work with the hardware at a physical level. This gives you optimal performance and capabilities. Even if the game is a simple one, it allows extra power for effects and hollywood-style post processing. 3G works down to the silicon on every game platform that we build on. We have the expertise to get the most out of every platform and use it to deliver your vision for your game.

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