Application Development

At 3G Studios, we pride ourselves on being able to take an individual’s great idea and make it reality through the creation of applications that meet their needs. When ingenuity is in accordance with our technological expertise, it can yield great results. From educational tools to fun and silly games, or even a detailed score sheet for professional sports, we have only scratched the surface of what is possible when we are met with a sufficient challenge. App development is incredibly important and 3G Studios is more than equipped to create new and innovative applications that continue to usher us into the digital age.

Application Games

My Dear Aunt Sally

My Dear Aunt Sally is an educational math game in which players choose the operations and then must balance the equation using integers. Although a simple premise, the player is soon confronted with fairly difficult math problems. The player has access to two types of hints to help them solve these problems. After a series of rounds, the player watches entertaining cartoons showing Sally getting into amusing situations. The bonus sliding or jigsaw puzzles are very fun and serve as a reward for the player. Not only is this game amusing and fun, it is educational and will improve math skills of not only children but many adults as well. Play now at

Avocado Yourself

Avocado Yourself is an incredibly light hearted and amusing app that allows the user to customize avocados to look like themselves or anyone that they know. You are able to pick costumes for the avocado to wear and show off your creativity using your favorite social media site! Avocado Yourself is available on mobile devices and PC. Play Avocado Yourself for free at

Martial Arts Score Keeper

No longer do score keepers at martial arts tournaments need to carry around complicated sheets of paper and pencils in order to perform their duties. Martial Arts Score Keeper is a comprehensive application for many different types of martial arts. It is able to time matches correctly, tally the combatant’s total points and is consistent with the current rule book for the martial arts organizations. The app even handles posting of the scores to the leaderboards and sending the scores directly to the announcers at the tournaments rather than bringing them the score sheets. This is an incredibly convenient and efficient app that perfectly serves the needs of martial artists everywhere.